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Enroll NOW - Candle Foundations Self Guided with BONUS Zoom Support, coming Sept 2021

Core knowledge on wax, wicking, scenting and color in five of the most common wax types.  Create properly designed quality candles for selling.

Assignments will be marked.

Available now. Zoom calls Sept 2,9,16


Create & Inspire Community

Build your business through networking, knowledge and fresh ideas.

Community (Private meetups)

Assistance (tech, sales, marketing, leads)

Inspiration (projects, branding, creatives)

* This community is for "Candle Foundations" course graduates (or equivalent).


Marketing Magic

Introduce your products to the public. 

Learn pricing and sales strategies.  Make your mark with your own brand and step out to sell.

Book One-on-One Coaching with Sue to maximize your sales. 

"You don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going!"

Increase Your Profits NOW!

Network with Like Minded Creatives

There's lots of FREE advice out there, so much so that you may start to doubt what you read. Join a community of peers and converse, with factual information and professional guidance.  Trust  experience.  Stop wasting time and money, get the facts and great results quicker.  A long time client commented  "After 17 years I am actually taking candle classes and am amazed at how much I am learning. This is going to be a fun year."

What's Your Why?

Be your own boss. Work around your family needs. Work when your health allows it.  Live your passion. Relieve stress.

Lori says "I have a very difficult job.  I was searching for something to fill my soul.  I'm addicted!" 

Relax, create, achieve, profit, inspire others. 

Want More 1-On-1?

Fast track your business plans with one-on-one coaching directed to your specific needs.


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